The house. The white picket-fence. The business. The American Dream. It can be yours for a story and $150.

I always find it difficult to decide upon a title for my blog posts. I assume most writers struggle with this. It’s not easy to take everything I am thinking and feeling and scrunch it down into a few tiny words that will grab your attention and entice you to click and read what I have to say.  I usually blog about the places I’ve been to and the people I’ve met along the way here in Piscataquis County, an area of Maine I have fallen in love with and become passionate about. Most of my readers feel the same way about Piscataquis, so they’ll click and read without much urging.


But, with everything happening in the world today, all the terrible news that’s out there – terrorism, natural disasters, and the craziness of our current presidential election – the good news can get buried. That’s why a title is so important.


We get caught up in what’s coming… tomorrow, next week, next year, or when we retire. We plan our futures. We forget to be present — to see what is right in front of us, right here, right now. And we miss opportunities – sometimes really big ones, that would tremendously impact what the future will look like. So today, take a minute…. and read this – because it might be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


I don’t say this because I am some literary genius who has something so profound to say that your life would be incomplete without it. I say this because I know about a crazy-amazing opportunity you may not have heard about – and I feel like it is my responsibility from this platform to make you aware of it. Why? Because if dreams really can come true, and your fairy-tell ending exists at an address within the borders of the county I love to write about, it would be unfair — even unjust, to keep it from you.


So, here it is.


There is an absolutely stunning Bed and Breakfast in Dover-Foxcroft that is being given away in a contest, and the contest ends in ten days. TEN DAYS.


logoThere are two things you have to do to enter the contest. Write an essay – only 200 words (following these rules) about why you should own the B & B, and submit it with a small entry fee. Only 3,000 essays will be accepted. This means your chance of winning is 1 in 3000. Those odds may not sound favorable at first, but if you’ve ever played the lottery your odds were approximately 1 in 14 million.  This contest is designed with odds in your favor.




So, let’s dream for a minute. If your essay is chosen, you get a stunning home to live in with a built in successful business, fully furnished and turn-key. The owners will work with the winners for information and training before they depart, when they hand over the keys. If there are guest reservations already booked, they remain in place… the business continues with no interruption. And.. it is in the center of Dover-Foxcroft, one of Maine’s up-and-coming, forward-moving towns, the seat and heart of Piscataquis County: a walk-able, inviting community with great businesses and residents. And it can all be yours.


Can you imagine?????

How will it change your life today? How about your future? Your retirement?

cottage apartment
green cabinet row


Dennis and Chris Aplanalp, the current owners of the stunning 1880’s farmhouse and cottage, named “The Freedom House Bed and Breakfast”, moved to the area 13 years ago. Since then, they have renovated, upgraded, landscaped and loved the property, and have grown the business into one that is solid and successful, having established a strong following of guests and attracting new guests every season.


brDennis and Chris created the essay contest versus simply putting the B&B on the market as a unique way to share their dream with someone else that might not otherwise have the financial means to make it a reality.


At this point, Chris and Dennis are wanting to spend more quality time with their children and grandchildren and have decided to retire.  A successful essay contest would mean that Chris and Dennis brought in enough in entry fees to transfer ownership of the property and business to the writer of the most convincing, well written essay. That lucky winner would be given the keys, and the Aplanalps would walk away knowing they’ve left a home into which they’ve poured their heart and soul to someone who will treasure it as they have. Could that be you?

Today is important. What you do today is important.

So, thank you for clicking through and taking a Peek into Piscataquis. Who knows, in the next few weeks, it may be where you hang your hat.

Now go, and write your winning essay.


Need more info? Check out the Freedom House Bed & Breakfast on Facebook.

Find out more about the property and see more photos click here.

Take a tour of the first floor which contains the dining area and innkeeper’s living quarters:


Take a tour of the second floor, which contains the 3 bedroom suite:


Take a tour of the Cottage area, which contains three separate cottage rooms on the first floor and a full one bedroom apartment on the second floor:

Take a tour of the exterior of the house and the beautiful landscape:

If you have specific questions you can email the innkeeper at


Denise Buzzelli

About Denise Buzzelli

Denise Buzzelli is the Executive Director of the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce. She is happily married to her husband Gregg and is the proud mother of two daughters, Angelina, 18, and Roseann, 16.